Top 10 players with the highest total transfer fees

List of the top 10 football players by total transfer fee

There isn’t a single Malaysia online sports betting football fan who doesn’t like an intriguing transfer tale. Some fans may even adore them more than football itself.

It’s easy to understand why some players might like a large transfer, what with the enormous signing bonus they’d get.

These are the top 10 players in terms of total transfer fees in football history.

  1. Ousmane DembéléOusmane Dembélé

The first entry on our list is a tragic tale of unrealized potential, honed talents, and an all-consuming love of Fortnite.

In 2017, Ousmane Dembélé was brought to Barcelona for an insane £124.2 million to replace Neymar. However, he has failed to live up to expectations since arriving in Catalonia.

His career at Blaugrana has been hampered by injuries and allegations of a careless attitude. Hopefully being tenth on our list would give him some kind of comfort, right?

Total Transfer Fees: £137.7m

  1. Gonzalo HiguainGonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo Higuain was arguably the finest striker in the world, but he is now unfairly mocked as an overweight figure of fun.

Having begun his career at River Plate, he was rescued from obscurity by Real Madrid in 2007 for a little sum. After six years in Madrid, Napoli paid £35 million to acquire his services.

It was then that a plethora of targets were set. It resulted in Juventus spending an exorbitant £81 million to get his services in 2016. It had a great first season, but then it just kind of died. He made the list at number nine because of the loan money he received from Milan and Chelsea.

Total Transfer Fees: £143.1m

8. Zlatan Ibrahimović

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Ibrahimovic, who is still going strong for Milan at age 38, has always been worth a fortune on the transfer market thanks to his legendary status.

Beginning with a £7 million deal from Malmo to Ajax, then £14.4 million to Juventus, and finally a whopping £22 million to Inter, this summer’s transfer market has been red hot.

The 2009 move by Zlatan that became the most notorious is sometimes regarded as the worst in his career. After impressing at Juve, Barcelona spent a world record £62.5 million for the Swede, but he quickly clashed with manager Pep Guardiola.

Because of this, the striker was able to get jobs in some of the world’s most desirable locations. The cities of Milan, Paris, LA, and, uh, Manchester.

Total Transfer Fees: £152.2m

  1. Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho

The signing of Philippe Coutinho by Barcelona (their second blunder on this list) makes no logic at all.

It’s foolish to sign a player who occupies the same position as your greatest player. It would be a monumental waste of money to pay him £130.5 million. It’s terrible that you loaned him out and then he scored twice against you in an 8-2 loss.

His contract has two more years to go.

Total Transfer Fees: £153.27m

  1. Antoine GriezmannAntoine Griezmann

In terms of generating his own transfer rumors, Griezmann is unmatched. You may recall La Decision, the Frenchman’s controversial, ultimately withdrawn documentary that premiered in the days leading up to the 2018 World Cup.

The video, in which Griezmann revealed he would be remaining at Atletico Madrid, sticks out as a particularly dismal moment in the nauseous world of current footballing extravagance.

A year later, he left Los Rojiblancos for good, with Barcelona spending £108 million for the flop-haired false nine. Atleti spent £48.6m for Griezmann in 2014, thus this fact alone knocks him out of our top five.

Total Transfer Fees: £156.6m

  1. Angel Di MaríaAngel Di María

Man Utd supporters’ hatred for (or fascination with) this man is the perfect entry point for our top five.

Di Mara had a rough go of it in the north west, but he has been a success in pretty much every other place he has played, earning himself a slew of hefty transfer fees.

The winger began his professional career in Argentina with Rosario Central, eventually winning a transfer to Portugal’s powerhouse Benfica for £7.2 million in 2007. After a difficult start, Di Mara moved forward throughout the 2009/10 season, leading to his acquisition by Real Madrid for about £30 million.

Then a disastrous year at Old Trafford followed. Although United paid an incredible £67.5m for the Argentine, they quickly offloaded him to Paris Saint-Germain for a fee of £56.7m.

Total Transfer Fees: £161.1m

  1. Alvaro MorataAlvaro Morata

An enormous shout out to Alvaro Morata’s team of representation, first and foremost. Their client has never scored more than 15 goals in a league season, so the fact that they have gotten him to the fourth spot on this list is nothing short of miraculous.

The Spanish player has earned more than £170 million in transfer fees throughout the course of his meandering career.

The £50 million spent by Atleti this summer, when they promptly loaned him to Juventus, has to be the most absurd.

Total Transfer Fees: £170.1m

  1. Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United in 2009 for a reported £84.6 million. It is safe to assume that a transfer price of £200 million or more would have been demanded for CR7 if a similar agreement were to be arranged today.

As a result, the Portuguese legend has some reason to be disappointed at being ranked second best.

But he may rest easy tonight knowing he shattered a million and one more records throughout his great career.

Total Transfer Fees: £207m

  1. NeymarNeymar

Even though he has only been a part of two trades in his whole career, Neymar has risen to the position of second most traded player. That’s ridiculous on so many levels.

Both transactions were revolutionary at the time. Neymar’s move to Barcelona in 2013 for a reported $80 million put an end to years of rumors.

Then the greatest gesture in history was made. In 2017, the French club PSG forked out over £200 million to acquire the services of the Brazilian.

The Parisians hoped he would be the last piece of the jigsaw they needed to break their Champions League curse. Meanwhile, Neymar traveled there in search of a Ballon d’Or.

Neither of these things has taken place as of yet. Oh, that’s too bad…

Total Transfer Fees: £279.18m

  1. Romelu LukakuRomelu Lukaku

As early as 2011, Chelsea paid Anderlecht £13.5 million for Lukaku’s services.

After a successful loan stint with Everton, the club paid about £32 million for the striker, who was then purchased by Manchester United for £76 million. While the majority of his tenure at Old Trafford was spectacular, Lukaku’s goal scoring slowed down in his last months with the club.

Nonetheless, in 2019, Inter paid the huge amount of £66.6m to sign the big man. As a result of the forward’s exceptional performance during his time at San Siro, Chelsea decided to pay the transfer fee of £97.5m to bring him back to England.

Total Transfer Fees: £288.8m

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