Dota 2 Esports Betting Guide

Dota 2 is among the most popular esports games. Fact, there is now so much accessible for esports punters hoping to earn a few pounds thanks to the development of the esports betting sector. If you are about to get your hands on esports betting with Dota 2, you are at the right place. We will share all the basics that you need to be aware of.

What exactly is Dota 2?

Valve Corporation designed and distributed Dota 2, a free-to-play video game. Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games, with over 10 million active players.  Another popular esports games to bet like League of Legends (LOL) and CSGO Esports are available to bet as well. There are many professional teams, as well as a professional circuit that hosts around 25 major events each year. Betting on Dota 2 is among the most exciting methods to make these tournaments more exciting.

Major Dota 2 events attract tens of thousands of spectators. Even lesser events have large prize pools, with larger tournaments generally awarding millions to the winners. The International, a world championship, takes held at the conclusion of this circuit. The top 16 teams from six distinct areas compete in this event: Europe, the CIS, China, North America, Southeast Asia, and South America. It’s the year’s last game, and it’s usually a major crowd pleaser. Even the greatest Dota 2 tournament may be made more thrilling by Dota 2 betting sites that give odds on this event.

What you can bet on Dota 2?

  • Betting on the Outcome of a Match

This is the most basic kind of Esports betting; you choose who will win a match. Dota 2 matchups are commonly played in a Bo1, Bo3, or Bo5 format (only Grand Finals), which means that the victor is determined after a maximum of one game, three games, or five games, maps, or rounds. The organizers of certain events adopt a format that incorporates Bo2 matchups. Matches of this kind might sometimes result in a tie. You can place these Dota 2 bets on almost any website, however some will provide greater esports odds.

  • Betting on the team performance

Teams are given handicaps or advantages by bookmakers depending on their projected performance. So, if a game seems to be a foregone conclusion, this market will help to level the playing field. For example, betting on team A to win a match against team B with a 1.5 map handicap indicates you predict team A will win the match with such a score of 2 – 0. Your bet will be lost if it wins by a score of 2 – 1 due to the handicapped, which makes the ultimate score 0.5 – 1 in advantage of Team B.

  • Betting on an event occurrence

In Dota 2, this is a sort of wager that lets you to wager on a specific event that occurs during a game. An Aegis of the Immortal being taken by either of the teams, an Animal Courier being slain, a player achieving a Godlike streak dying, or a player obtaining a Rampage are all examples (5 kills in quick succession). Keep an eye on Dota 2 headlines to see how often these occurrences are.

  • Betting on which team would be the first to complete a task

This form of wager enables you to predict which team will accomplish anything during a certain game of a match. For example, you could be able to choose the team that kills the first Roshan, or smashes the first Barracks or Towers, or scores the first kill, or is the first to score 10 kills. The finest Dota 2 gambling sites will provide you with a variety of options in this area. This, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to forecast. Even if a side is likely to win, predicting whether they would be the first to accomplish a goal is more difficult.

  • Betting on the winner of the tournament

This sort of wager is offered before to the commencement of a tournament, and it allows you to choose the team you feel will win the championship. Because there are so many unknowns, the chances on anything like this are likely to be fairly high, even for favourites.

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Betting tips on Beta 2

Here are a few Dota 2 esports betting tips to help you perform your best. Make sure that you keep these in mind to end up with securing best returns.

  • Have basic information in mind

In Dota 2, betting on the result of a match is by far the most straightforward option, but it isn’t necessarily the most fun. Betting on certain game events and results might be more exciting and provide you with greater odds. For example, betting on Team Liquid to be the first to demolish the first barracks inside a game versus SG e-sports is such a game event that is likely to result in a Team Liquid win. However, the chances of such an occurrence are always substantially larger than the chances of a better team winning a match.

  • Come up with a strategy

Look for hero combinations that are meant to put pressure on the opposition early in the game. These are employed in drafts where the focus is on defense until late in the game, when the carry hero can overwhelm the whole opposition line-up.  In these situations, the team that takes the early drive draft will almost always be the first to kill Roshan. Particularly if it has a hero such as Troll Warlord. When it comes to Dota 2, looking for tactics may be really beneficial. You won’t be able to foresee everything in Dot 2 gambling but understanding a little more about the underlying methods at work will assist.

  • Bet with money that you can afford to lose

Dota 2 betting may be a lot more fun, but you have to ensure it remains that way. Damage control tactics that include doubling down on bets aren’t the most effective. Make sure you’re just gambling with money you can afford to lose. As a result, the game remains enjoyable, and betting adds to the enjoyment of watching games. If the game is more important to you than the betting, you may need to take a break. Most bookmakers have deposit limitations that might assist.

Final words

Now you are aware of how to get the most out of Dota 2 esports betting. Make sure that you keep these in mind and secure maximum returns that the game has to offer on your way.

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